Section 3 Certification for Businesses

The City of Mobile is currently working to bring our website into compliance with the HUD Act of 1968 new ruling issued in July of 2020. Please call the Cities Office of Supplier Diversity at (251) 208-6294 with any questions.

What is Section 3 Certification for Businesses?

Section 3 is a program created by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. It gives low income individuals and small businesses access to job opportunities, training and education, and city contracts.

The Federal Government directs cities to use Federal development funds to promote job opportunities for low income individuals and residents of public housing.The City of Mobile uses these resources to help improve our neighborhoods and create new housing for low income families.

The City contracts with eligible businesses to build new housing, perform renovations, and other related work. If you are Section 3 certified, then you are eligible to bid on select City housing contracts. You will also have access to a pool of qualified job candidates who are certified as Section 3 residents.

Opportunities for Section 3 Certified Businesses

Section 3 Certified businesses are eligible to receive a preference in the bidding process for City contract opportunities that are HUD-funded.

How do I get my business certified?

  • Decide how you will qualify.

    Decide how your business will qualify and gather any information you may need during the certification process.

    Learn more about the ways businesses can qualify. 

  • Complete a short survey.

    Complete a short, 5-minute survey about your business.

  • Begin your application.

    Begin your Section 3 Certification application by selecting how your business intends to qualify.

    If you need help, you can click the “Get Help” button on your application, and someone from the Office of Supplier Diversity will contact you.

  • Gather required documents.

    Gather the documentation required to finalize your certification.

    Learn about the documents you may need to provide.

  • Sign and submit your application.

    Sign and submit your application for approval.

    You will receive a confirmation email with any additional instructions to finalize your certification.

If you have any questions throughout the certification process, you can contact the Office of Supplier Diversity for assistance.