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Guide to Working with the City

Want to do business with the City of Mobile? You’ve come to the right place.

The following are cards for Guide to Working with the City

Get Ready to Work
Find everything you need to make sure your business is ready to work with the city.
Register as a Vendor
Businesses entering into a contract with the City should request to become a vendor.
Show Your Skills
It’s important to separate your business from the competition and highlight what makes you special.
Find Bids and Opportunities
Search historical and upcoming bid opportunities and find out more about becoming a subcontractor for larger businesses.
Do Your Homework
Before you submit a bid, make sure you have done your homework and met with the right people.
Explore Partnering and Subcontracting
Becoming a subcontractor can help you experience what it’s like to work on a government contract.
Learn How to Bid and Write a Proposal
Find out how to prepare your proposal.
Learn What Happens After You Bid
Find out about the decision period and how to prepare.

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