Describe Management Practices and List Employees

You will need to describe roles and responsibilities of owners and key personnel.

Describe Roles and Responsibilities of Owners and Key Personnel

An owner must perform a controlling role in the company. Eligible owners must play a commercially useful role in the day-to-day operations of the company. You cannot list someone as an owner simply because they are a member of a disadvantaged group.

For example, if you are applying as the owner of a plumbing company, the City would want to see skills, certifications, and past experience with plumbing.

This part of the application will ask you a series of questions about your day to day role in the business. If you have additional owners, they will need to answer the same questions.

List Employees and Provide Relevant Credentials

You will need to provide a list of all the employees at your firm. You must provide names, job titles, and dates of employment. In addition, you must provide copies of certifications or other relevant professional credentials.

The city uses this information to determine if individual employees are performing management functions and the Disadvantaged Owner is being relied upon for status rather than a commercially useful function.