Demonstrate Business Capability

You can demonstrate business capability by submitting resumes, copies of required licenses, and by providing other information.

Submit Owner Resumes

You must submit a resume for every owner, officer, and key personnel of the firm. Key personnel may include individuals who perform project management activities or have critical skills. Each resume must include a name and previous places of employment, along with corresponding dates and titles. You must also include a Drivers License with Photo ID for Alabama Certification. 

Describe Your Business

You must provide a narrative description of your business. If you have a capability statement, this is a great starting point.

You will need to provide that includes your NAICS codes, past experience, and a description of your business operations. This must include the type of work you perform specifically.

Get Copies of Required Licenses

If your business performs work in industries that require professional licenses in order to operate, you will need to provide copies of those documents.

Obtain References

Collect references from partners, past employers, and customers who can vouch for your skills and performance. The City may also look for references from your bank, insurance agent, bonding agent, and other partner organizations. These references are a great way to determine if your company is financially stable and ready to do the work.

Be certain that you have the right experience for your industry. You will need to collect references that match your past performance.

Submit Government Contract Information

If you have performed any previous work for any government body, whether as a subcontractor or a prime, you will need to list that work on your application. Please include a description of the work performed, dates, and the contract amount.

List Business Equipment and Real Estate

You will need to provide a list of all major equipment and real estate owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by your business. This includes vehicles (including VIN numbers, current registration, and insurance), equipment (such as large machinery or computers), and real estate.