DBE Certification - Demonstrate Owner Disadvantaged Status

List Owners and Indicate Disadvantaged Status

Your firm must show 51% ownership by members of a disadvantaged group.

Disadvantaged status is determined on a case by case basis, but you may be eligible if you are a member of a qualified group.

The DBE program presumes that certain groups are disadvantaged, including women, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans, Subcontinent Asian-Pacific Americans, or other minorities.

If you can’t show group membership, you may be able to prove status if you are socially and economically disadvantaged. This may include individuals with disabilities.

Complete Personal Net Worth Statements

The Personal Net Worth Statement helps the City confirm that Owners are economically disadvantaged.

The Personal Net Worth statement is used to determine if you and any other owners claiming disadvantaged status meet the criteria for being economically disadvantaged. A qualified owner must have a personal net worth of less than $1.32 million.

The application will ask you to complete a Personal Networth Statement. You will be asked to list the value of your personal assets and liabilities. This includes cash, real estate, retirement accounts, trusts, or other asset types. The personal net worth form is a signed affidavit and you must provide all relevant information and supporting documentation. Your ownership interest and equity in your primary residence are not considered part of your personal net worth.

Obtain Copies of Personal Federal Tax Retruns

Each owner claiming disadvantaged status will need to provide personal federal tax returns for each of the past three (3) years.