DBE Certification - Show that your Business is Independent and Financially Sound

Compile Business Formation Documents

You will need to provide all documentation relating to the legal incorporation and formation of your business.

If your business is structured as an LLC, LLP, or corporation you will need to provide:

  • Official Articles of Incorporation
  • Both sides of all corporate stock certificates and your firm’s stock transfer ledger
  • Shareholder’s Agreements
  • Minutes of all stockholders and board of directors meetings
  • Corporate by-laws and any amendments
  • Corporate bank resolution and bank signature cards
  • Official Certificate of Formation and Operating agreement with any amendments (for LLCs)

Document Investment History

You will need to provide a history of any investment in your firm.

The City will look for how you funded the business and whether your company was started with assistance from outside groups. You will need to submit tax returns, copies of cancelled checks used to fund the business, and other supporting documentation, as required. Additionally you will need to document all transfers of assets to or from the firm or the firm’s owners over the past two years.

Obtain Business Federal Tax Returns

You must provide Federal tax returns for your business for the past three years, if available. If you do not have access to your current tax returns, you can visit the IRS website to learn how to download your returns.