Write Your Proposal

Prepare a Proposal Outline

After rereading the bid package, prepare a plan for how you will build your proposal. Each section of a proposal has detailed requirements. Begin your outline by listing each of these sections with the relevant requirements underneath.

After each requirement, create bullet points that address how you will fulfill them. For example, if you need to provide a list of references, create a bulleted list of some of your best customers, and your plan for contacting each one.

Once you have a solid outline, you can do the more detailed work of writing each section. This process ensures you are answering all the relevant questions.

Price your Bid Appropriately

Pricing your bid can be tricky. A good starting point is to reread the Scope of Work to make sure your price reflects the work you will need to do. Past contracts from similar work can provide a benchmark for what you should charge.

The most important consideration for a small business is whether or not you can afford to complete the work. If you can’t make money from the contract and still stay competitive, you should consider passing on the bid.

If you are required to provide equipment or materials, make sure you have a good relationship with a supplier. The City will often want to see evidence of this relationship, so you should consider listing your supplier as a reference.

Submit your Bid

It’s finally time to submit your bid! Before your submission, create a checklist of all requirements, and have a fresh pair of eyes review your proposal for mistakes or missing information.

You should subject your proposal to several rounds of edits before you submit. Pay particular attention to spelling, grammar and comprehension, as small errors may detract from your hard work.

Ensure that your final proposal meets the submission requirements and that you have a plan to submit your proposal, either in-person or by mail.

Be sure to request either a written or verbal confirmation of receipt when you submit your bid.