Required Documents for SBA Disaster Loans

Required Documents

Include these documents along with your Disaster Loan Application Form.

SBA Application

Businesses are encouraged to apply online through the SBA website.

Please note that the online site is experiencing some downtime. You can also download a paper copy.

Business Tax Returns

You must provide tax returns as part of your application. You can fill out a request for tax return form and submit it with your application.

Personal Financial Statement

You must provide a personal financial statement, the SBA uses the information on this form to analyze your creditworthiness. You must submit a seperate form for all principals with 20% ownership and for all general partners or managing members.

Schedule of Liabilities

You must list all of your business obligations, loans, and accounts payable. You can use SBA Form 2022, this form is provided for your convenience in responding to filing requirements in item 2 on the application, SBA Form 5. You may use your own form if you prefer.

Personal Tax Returns

Depending on your application, you may need to provide personal tax returns for each principal, general partner, or director. You also must provide for any owner who has 50% or more ownership in an affiliated business.

Current Year to Date Profit Statement

You must provide a current year-to-date profit statement. You can provide a profit and loss statement of use the SBA form.

Monthly Sales Figures

You may be asked to provide additional revenue and cashflow information to help the loan application process.